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Hundred Reasons - The Scottish Dates

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Just back from seeing Hundred Reasons, Reuben, Twofold and Dave House 3 days in a row, whew! :rolleyes:

The setlist for the gigs are as follows;

Aberdeen, The Lemon Tree - 08/11/04

What You Get


If I Could


No Pretending*


Stories With Unhappy Endings


Larry's Song*



Decorate The Mirror*

What Larry Did :up:


I'll Find You


Paul's Song


Edinburgh, The Venue - 09/11/04 and Glasgow, King Tuts - 10/11/04 same songs except Paul's Song was replaced with A Better Way*

Dave House was amazing on all the nights (except Glasgow where the strap on his acoustic guitar failed him, bless), he got a good reception considering he was an acoustic solo act. Plus he is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, and wearing his t-shirt I Know Dave House is all too true :).

Twofold were on top form all nights, bringing their crazy concoction of shouty punk and dancy hardcore, and get full points for wearing their very own pink band t-shirts :up: .

Reuben, bless the lads are still the very epitomy of rock n' roll, laying down some brilliant tunes. Plus we in Aberdeen were very fortunate to get both Scared Of The Police and Words From Reuben (which people didn't dig, oh well meh). Jamie's 22nd birthday took place at the Edinburgh gig so we all wished him a happy one (I gave him a card) and a cake was presented to him during Freddy Krueger (bless).

And finally the mighty HR! On top form at all three dates, been waiting since March to see them again and I was not dissapointed. Opening up with the second last single they released What You Get bringing the rock in fine style. A good selection of old and new songs (*). The new tracks sound amazing and are more akin to the HR of old (aka rocking and Hardcore :band: ). Of special note the track that wasn't played on Monday, A Better Way, is probably best described as a cross between Soapbox Rally and Counting The Days on steroids! It well rocks, can't wait till its available on cd. Decorate The Mirror is a very catch rock tune with the main chant of Yeah Heh throughout the song (aka crowd participation) and Paul's and Larry's Songs are not ballady in the slightest. As ever old faves like Answers, Remmus and the singles go down as well as ever, with lovely sing alongs taking part throughout both Harmony and Falter. Plus finishing with Silver is always a good thing in my books, crowd reaction = YAY dancy Pit!

All in all I've had the time of my life and can't wait to see all the bands again. Twofold have now been confirmed as support for Capdown (though a replacement bassist will be there as Simon Kielly can't get time off uni), as for Reuben, they said they should be up soon though I don't know how soon. Hundred Reasons better come back soon or I'll cry! :help: . And Dave House will probably join them again as HR have stated they'll be bringing him around some more!

Well enough babbling from me!

Martin C x

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