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Bassist Up For Grabs!

Acey Trixx

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Guest Dr Flaw


We are looking for a bass player to finish our band. At the moment we are called Dr flaw but will probably vhange our name. We have beeen gigging continuously for over a year and are reasonably experienced. Influenced by the likes of idlewild,feeder,foos,biffy, etc etc. please email me at steven.sutherland@akerkvaerner.com if interested or pm me.


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Guest Little Wing

I'm looking for a bassist to complete a three piece band. I have a wide range of influences and loads of band and gig experience. I am on vox/guitar, i've got a drummer in place, so hopefully you'll be the missing piece of the puzzle.

Will send you pm shortly when i have more time.


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Today's your lucky day!!!!!!!!!

Hi Grant.

I'm ex Eskimo Blonde guitarist and have new band lined up.

Unashamedly professional aspirations, want to make a serious living at this, a contract being the aim. (no wanky egos here though!)

Hard to describe the sound, I'd say unique but everyone says that don't they?!

Different from Eskimo Blonde stuff, a harder edge but with catchy melodies too.

I've got the singer in place and have high quality songs written already so I'm looking for a good bassist and drummer to complete line-up and get started asap.

If you're still looking for the right band, give me an e-mail and we can discuss it in further detail to see what you think.

Influences not really important, as far as I'm concerned the more the better.

Just a few questions...........!

1) How good are you/how long playing etc?

2) Do you have own gear/transport etc?

3) What are your own ambitions in music?

Sorry for the Simon Cowell impression but I need someone who won't piss me about etc.

Let me know anyway.



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