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Guest haigyman
tong related deaths

novelty t shirts

babies that look like old people


people who get paid to work but are far too slow and lazy. i would love to shoot them in the vaginas and not in a sexual manner.

i read that as "boobies that look like old people" and for ten seconds had the most fucked up image in my head

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computer viruses and spyware - i don't even look at dodgy websites yet my computer is plagued with stuff like this and its a pain.

bullshitters - hey don't bullshit me

users - hate them

fernando ricksen and his fireworks - beacuse nobody likes fernando ricksen do they?

people who drive at 40 in 30 then proceed to drive at 40 in a 50 arrrrrrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh pure raging.

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intolerance (encapsulating racism' date=' homophobia etc.)

ignorance (not lack of intelligence, but lack of willingness to learn or to discover new things)


I love the way you explain these things, makes me feel like a retarded child. Thank you. I know it's the wasteland, but give us some credit would you.

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1. People with blogs/livejournals

"Listening to: Linking Park- Num

Saturday: Cameron was such an ass today cos he wouldnt go to the bon accord mall with stacy to by a new shirt and school is really sucking right now but its okey cos i have an unconditional to go to university to become and accountant anyway. OMG! Did anybody see that show about those kids from chernobal last night? It was so sad! If my kid was like that I'd have an abortion! I met Cameron and Stu outside one up and this guy asked us for money and stu was like "okay" and went into his pocket and gave the guy an empty whispa packit! I was like laughing so much! got the new green day cd. ive desided im going to try and be political now and give my old good charlotte cds to oxfam cos the suck now. BETTAR GO! OXOXOXOXOXOXOX!"

I hate you.

2. Nightclubs

More specificaly, nightclubbers. You're selfish, loud, obnoxious and violent. Thanks for making late night entertainment intolerable, doods!

Hmmm, I'll do the other three later.

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