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Drummer req for band with gigs waiting

Billy H

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We are looking for a good, solid experienced drummer who has his own drum kit and is keen to start giging as soon as poss.

We have a full set of original songs all worked out, we are very tight and ready to go, we just need a good, reliable drummer well experienced who can pull everything together.

We have a permanent place where we rehearse and have been promised a number of very high profile support dates with some well known bands.

Getting gigs will not be a problem, we just need a drummer to get us out and gigging.

The ideal drummer will have a good few years experience, should be aged 24 years and upwards and can pick up playing the tunes quickly.

Among the band's influences they include, among many others, The Ramones, AB/CD, Green Day, Foo Fighters and The Stones.

We are based in the Dundee / Angus area where we rehearse.

If you are a drummer who fits the above requirements we'd love to hear from you.

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