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something very exciting happened today..

Guest gilly

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for some reason my adsl connection upgraded itself to 2.2mb.

i suggest everyone gives the little bugger a round of applause.

or something..

Have you tried downloading anything? Upon using some crappy usb adsl modems in the past I've been told I was connected at 7mb....of course the ISP cap the bandwidth available based on the package you are on....and physical line limitations etc..

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I've got a 1.1meg bad boy and i've never seen it go past around 150 kb/s even on things like k-lite and soulseek... still fast' date=' but nothing amazing.[/quote']

Yeah that's about right. I think you devide the size of your connection by 8 or something to get acctuall download speed. For a 512kb/s line it's about 60K when I download things. Nildram being the kind people they are sometimes give me 1meg. As for the person who said they got connected at 7meg that would probably be the speed of your router/modem not the speed you were acctually connected to the net. As in most places in UK you can only get 2meg max or something...it's 8meg in London. When I first turned on my modem is registered as 8meg...which is the maximum it can handle.

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