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ETHAN DANIEL DAVIDSON - if you like country/blues/rock n roll/punk/americana

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With influences as diverse as Woody Guthrie, the Dead Kennedys and the Pogues, here comes Ethan Daniel Davidson -- a cult singer-songwriter with a nomadic life story.

Despite a political bent that has earned Davidson comparisons to Woody Guthrie and Phil Ochs, his primary musical influence was Joe Strummer of the Clash. Hes not a folkie; his records feature players from Kid Rock/Uncle Kracker camp!!

Born in Detroit and a product of the city's punk scene, Davidson's life includes a stint in a remote Alaska cabin, work as a stage techie for Madonna, and hundreds of live performances as he wanders through America. "Thoreau said the unexamined life isn't worth living," he says, "and I want to live as close to the bone as I can -- barnstorming around the country on a real grassroots level. I think I have the opportunity to learn more this way."

Along the way, Davidson has picked up some musical admirers, such as Black Crowes keyboard player Eddie Harsch and Kid Rock protege Jimmy Bones -- just two of the guests on Davidson's latest CD, "Don Quixote de Suburbia

here's a few reviews...

Orlando Weekly, April 2003

ETHAN DANIEL DAVIDSON, This guy lives in a shack in the middle of Alaska. Not only is that totally bad-ass, but I wish all singer-songwriters with acoustic guitars lived in shacks in the middle of Alaska. Perhaps a province of Canada (way in the north) could be given over to earnest bards with well-tuned Ovations. That would be nice. (Especially if we could work out some immigration law that kept 'em out of America.) Actually, Davidson is a trip. He not only has a sense of humor, but he also has a sense of how well rock, pop and an acoustic guitar can work together. His newest album, "Don Quixote de Suburbia," is a full-sounding, band-oriented affair, but the focus is still his biting lyricism

The Village Voice, 2003

ETHAN DANIEL DAVIDSON, Troubadour Ethan Daniel Davidson isnt very easy to describe or get a hold on. Sounding like a cross between Willie Nelson and Arlo Guthrie, with splashes of John Prine, his style is born of folk music with rock and jazz injections. His forte is certainly his lyrics, where hell add a few extra words to twist a phrase. Hell be in town to promote his new CD, Don Quixote De Suburbia. (Aber)


Ethan Daniel Davidson, Alaska 11 North, Self-Released

Usually I wouldnt touch folk music and think hippies and their boring acoustic guitars can fuck off. But, this disc is pretty damn good. Very dark and disturbing is the music Mr. Ethan Daniel Davidson plays, reminds me very much of Lou Reed. It also has traces of American Music Club and Brian Etezel. These nine songs of loneliness, hardships of life, the social crimes/cost of America, murder, and other ironic tales are very honest and played very well. In fact, there are traces of a country blues intertwined throughout the acoustic sound. Thats why I love this disc, music to shed a tear in my beer while remembering the good times of youth; knowing that sooner or later a man must decide between working in a successful job or living a life of debauchery in the gutter.

check out www.ethandanieldavidson.com for bio/mp3's





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