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Guitarist wanted - VISUAL ROCK


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KARELIA’S DISCORD is looking for a guitarist to join our line-up.

We’re a VISUAL ROCK band with an emphasis on genre blending, visual aesthetics and ephemeral melodies to create our own atmosphere and are currently located in Aberdeen.

Sonically, our music draws a lot of inspiration from avant-garde & Japanese rock and other known bands such as DIR EN GREY, X JAPAN, sukekiyo, MUCC,  The GazettE and western streaks of influences of acts such as Muse, A Perfect Circle, The Mars Volta, etc.

In our band culture, there is no designated position for lead or rhythm guitarist, as the intent of our compositions require a mixture of both, as such we do not persistently label a guitarist strictly as ‘lead’, or ‘rhythm’ but more attuned to what the composition requires, and what works texturally.

We are excited to provide a unique opportunity to the successful applicant as we believe they will be able to express themselves freely within the musical boundaries of our repertoire and really shine, utilizing their opportunity.

We are open to various skill levels, but it is expected that you can play your instrument proficiently to some degree and musical theory, and willingness to improve yourself.
Fundamentals and concepts of music is advantageous I.E. musical theory when submitting a query for the band.

Above all else, we are seeking a member for long-term and compatibility is more important to our band setting as our philosophy strongly insists that skill can always be improved upon, whereas a poor attitude is harder to ‘fix’.

To reiterate, we are seeking a member that can see themselves long-term and is willing to commit to this.

More information about our music can be found on our website on https://kareliasdiscord.com/ as well as our music which can be found on any platform, available through the website.

For any serious contenders, please allow yourself to listen to the newest release titled ‘SILENTIUM’ before applying, as this will give you an idea of our musical repertoire.
Note that we are not limited to a specific genre, as you will find out after a thorough examination, and we always come up with unconventional musical experimentation, so having a diverse taste in music is considered a plus.

please e-mail staff@kareliasdiscord.com and please include your full name, relevant details, portfolio (if any), and a short summary of why we should consider you.

Thank you for your time




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