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Staying for 6 weeks in Aberdeen - Would somebody be willing to borrow me a Squire (will pay deposit)? Also, looking for people to hold a conversation with + going to music pubs

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Hello lads and lasses,


My name is Kai and I am a 25 years old student from Germany. I will stay in Aberdeen from Febuary 25th until April 10th for an internship (language practice, that sort of thing).

As I cannot take an electric guitar on the airplane I am kind of nervous about how I'm going to play guitar for that time.

Would somebody be willing to borrow me one of theirs? Preferably a cheap one like a Squire. I would pay you deposit so I don't run off with it plus an additional reward which we could negotiate.

I would also be really interested in jamming together, eating scones or going to a music pub on the weekends (age or gender irrelevant).


I am really looking forward to hearing from you!


Best wishes from the EU,


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Hi Kai,

Welcome to Scotland! I can lend you a Les Paul copy which is in need of some new string as well as a bit of a clean and an enthusiastic player. Definitely up for jamming etc. Let me know if your interesting



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