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Guitar player looking to learn with others


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Hi, I'm a mid-forties gent and been playing guitar on and off for about 30 years but with some conscious effort for the last 3 years and am looking for others to jam with / learn from. I'm a rock  and blues guitarist who is influenced by jazz and have an interest in all styles, as there's always something that can be learnt in one style and used in others.  My first love is jazz fusion and improvising, but don't let that put you off as we can still learn together and get better at the thing we love doing... playing the guitar!  

I'm based in Aberdeen but can travel.  Gimmie a shout...

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I’m  an experienced singer and pretty competent guitarist. I’m not well and just looking for people to play with on an occasional basis. If we get good then open mic and YouTube is the next step. Looking for a duo, trio, foursome etc.

male, female, whatever - no problem!

Used to lead and harmony singing and ran several open mics of my own.

Interested in coming to the Cults area occasionally for a jam?

My guitar hero is Richard Thompson



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