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Looking to start local band (Aberdeen), (Hard rock, Grunge, Nu metal influenced)


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Looking to start a band from scratch within Aberdeen. Inexperienced skill level preferred, beginners welcome and under 20's preferred. Looking to find members who are relatively new to playing music as a whole, those who are looking to improve through practising in a band. 

I play lead guitar,  all instruments including a 2nd guitarist are required. 

Influences include Nirvana, Korn, Deftones, Radiohead, Bush, RHCP, Bloodhound Gang, Linkin Park

Any messages regarding possible meet up's/practise sessions/rehearsal sessions would be great if you're interested.  

Those who are of a higher skill level would still be considered if you're looking to join regardless. 



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Hey I am not sure if I will be too old at 27 but would be keen as a second guitarist. Im self taught and have been playing for 15 years or so but never in a band so not experienced in that sense !! I can do vocals as well if needed. Are you planning on gigging? I dont have any experience of gigging either.


cheers, Jamie

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Hello mates, I would like to introduce myself as emcee, a rapper by passion and song writer. I have more than 5 songs and i want to record it. I would love to work as band too. Nirvana, Jhonny cash, Jim morisson, XXXtentacion, Tupac are my best of all time. Do reply if I can be a part. Thank you, cheers and all the best guyz . 

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