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The Places to Go in Aberdeen


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Hi all,

I've been out of the music scene in Aberdeen for a while... in fact a loooonng time.  Years and years.

In fact I've been out of the whole pub and club and going out scene (kids came along... :eek:).

If I wanted to get back into going to see bands and seeing a good variety of music I'd need to know the places, so that's where you all come in - I'm looking for your recommendations of where to go and when to get a good picture of the whole Aberdeen scene.

And of course this may help someone new to Aberdeen find their way about if they read this.

I'd be grateful if you could all let me know your honest thoughts of what's about, and maybe see some of you there.



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Theres the odd decent gig here n there, usually at Musical Vision, Krakatoa have the occasional gem but they pump out a battle of the bands every summer now, thats a good few months of rotating local bands of varying quality. 

Captain Toms have started putting on shows again.. there's one there on Saturday 20th - Deadloss superstar, Dirty Trick, Crow Mantra & the Mamertines should eb a good crack

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