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Burst ear drum...let's 'hear' it.

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Regale me with stories of when you (or someone you know) have burst your/their ear drum, how it happened, and how you/they obviously made a full, unhindered recovery (just in time for your/their wedding of course...).

(Yes, I burst my ear drum and damaged my ear canal on my stag weekend by forcing a leg of my glasses in there by mistake when I was pulling on the head of a monkey suit. Obviously.)

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Oh, I got a legit one. And turns out it's probably TL:(DR), so skip to the bottom if you don't care for an anecdote.

When I was studying in Aberdeen, I got into a drunken brawl with my flatmate. We'd been needling each other all night (at some house party), and it escalated all the while under the pretence of a bit-o-banter, as UK humour can. Back at the flat, I and a few other guys were mocking him trying to play his favourite online game smashed, as he kept dying and pulling hilarious faces and noises. He then warned me specifically (as opposed to the other guys) to stop and stay out of his room. I thought he was "joking" again, and walked into his room laughing next time he died. He then shoved me and, he being genuinely twice my weight (mass) at the time, I went flying through his door onto my back. Red mist finally triggered, I got up, nutted him and punched him enough times to make his face look different for a bit (next day he said "all right", completely naturally, with a few bruises and I felt like cringing in embarrassment more than anything).

On the other hand, after he got a grip  (both figuratively and literally) on me, he stopped me punching him and physically took me into my own room and threw me into the wall. Can't remember if he just left it, or if it was broken up by the other guys. One way or another it got broken up, but I came back yelling for more after he gave some threat, or whatever it was. At this point he slapped me around the head, and unbeknownst to him my ears started ringing, and I felt like I was underwater. His slap perforated an eardrum. So with the other friends trying to break it up, I though let's call it a draw.

Main point: in a few days I went to see a doctor who was looking for any infections. Nothing to do with the above: I was supposed to start a particular medicine course, and couldn't start it before I it was determined that I wasn't ill (I mean in terms of infections, excluding say, blows to the head. He asked if I had any ENT problems recently, which I did. But I told the guy, yes, I'd been feeling weird in 1 ear for a few days, but my guess was that I'd been playing football, got elbowed, maybe started then. Eventually an x-ray really did turn up an (asymptomatic, I guess) chest infection, and the doctor told me that likely this had gone up to the ENT and caused the perforated eardrum (cause even his student found that right away), and that I'd probably falsely attributed getting hit in the head as the cause. But before the x-ray, he told me of a patient whose girlfriend had slapped him, covering the ear and forcing trapped air into piercing his eardrum.

TL;DR: I had one (probably minimal though, not sure) and it healed itself, but after, I dunno, a few weeks? After that it was fine. I did notice that I had tinnitus after this, but I now know that I suffer it in both ears, and that the perforated eardrum in one can't have caused it (just noticed it then).



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