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last minute chancer (NEEDS A BAND TONIGHT, SAT 31ST)


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Long shot I know....

We've got a charity night organised for tonight, up in the grim wastelands of huntly. Or should I say we HAD it organised....our band just cancelled on us (we'd be angry, but it was a death in the family thing :-/). Better still it was a country night...I'm not one for chicken-pickin myself, so I can't even cobble together a replacement act myself.

If there're any guys/girls out there in a band/trio/duo that thinks they can cobble together a couple hours (including breaks) of vaguely country-ish material and fancies earning a quick £300...PLEASE let us know ASAP. it's for a good cause (local after-school club with provision for kids with special needs) and you'll possibly be rewarded in heaven.

Also, we don't get many visitors in huntly...so you'll likely be treated like a God of some kind. And there are plenty of wee dirties up here. and a few clean ones as well.


Also, also....if this is posted in the wrong area, apologies. new to the forum obviously :-)

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i forgot a thing
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