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Jimmy Moon Explorer

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It's not the one HateEvent had made is it? I remember a whole thread on the process of getting it made, no? HateEvent bought and sold high-end guitars quite a bit and posted about a couple of other customs from bigger companies (IIRC), but being able to go to Glasgow (?) and check up on the process personally would be something different.

/Cool story. Just curious if that is indeed the co-incidence; timeline and unusualness of the guitar make it seem possible.

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It must be the same one as I Jimmy made 3 Explorers the first 2004 being this one in Rosewood,

One was left handed  and Black and went to the States, the 3rd had a transparent green finish and was for a guy in Scotland.

It was re lacquered by Jimmy several years ago and since I got five and a half years ago it has been unplayed.

I have decided to sell it as you can't keep them all and it should be played.


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Yep - it is the very same one!

Good to see it is still around! I have wished for it back from time to time.

Not for more than it cost to get made right enough, so unfortunately I have to pass. :(

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