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Music! 2018!


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Well, no-one else seemed to be making a thread. 

What are you looking forward to this year? 

Superchunk have a new album coming out for the first time in five years in February. It will be my album of the year because I'm horribly predictable and I can't stop listening to the total banger of a title track. I even PAID for it as a SINGLE on ITUNES, which is the first time I can remember doing that in years. 

Titus Andronicus have a new song and an album due out in March. I hope it is good after their previous 90 minute epic.


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I have listened to the new Superchunk record roughly 700 times in the last four days. It is good. Very good. A banger, one might conclude. Such an angry, uncharacteristically sweary record.

I kinda ignored all of the other singles when the title track was released but they are amazing. Erasure is so lovely.


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2 hours ago, sebi said:

What a perfect music you guys are sending!

This is oddly poetic. A few things got me contemplating life.

- An indefinite article used with 'music'. It's not simply 'music' or 'the music', it's 'a music'. One music out of many

- The notion of 'sending' music. Not playing, listening or creating, but sending.

- Perfect music - does it exist? Can it exist?

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