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I was arrested, charged and bailed (again). Got some money though.

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Arrested, charged and bailed (again). Got some money though.

"After being detained by uniformed police from my home and later arrested at Kittybrewster Police Custody Centre, the day before, I made bail from Aberdeen Sheriff Court, 24 hours ago, on the afternoon of Wednesday, 8th of November 2017 ..."

Full story at this link to Peter Dow's Political Defence Blog - http://peter-dow.blogspot.co.uk/2017/11/arrested-charged-and-bailed-again-got.html

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1 hour ago, Bigsby said:

Disgrace that the SNP government persecutes a peaceful freedom fighter like yourself Peter while closing ranks around sex pest MSP Mark McDonald.

Certainly, it would be great if the Scottish government closed ranks around me, a peaceful freedom writer (not really much of a "fighter" except politically speaking) and dropped their vexatious prosecution of my harmless email.

1 hour ago, Bigsby said:

Please publish the "offending" email to Kevin Stewart MSP.

Sorry but this is as much as I am prepared to publish, for now.

"For now, all I will say publicly is that the case concerns an email which I had sent in reply to a letter I had received from my local MSP, Kevin Stewart, which email reply I also copied to two women whom I am not naming at this stage, saying only that I do respect and honour those two women and if I was given an opportunity to do so, I would wish to apologise to them both most sincerely for anything in my email which I copied to them which was not to their liking or which has caused them any embarrassment or offence. My email has massively back-fired and I regret that deeply."

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49 minutes ago, James Broonbreed said:

Perhaps you were detained in your home...?

Police "detention" isn't restricted to the initial place you are detained but extends to wherever the police take you while you are in police detention.

I was initially detained at my home but was then driven to Kittybrewster Police Custody Centre, interviewed there all while under police detention.

Only after being interviewed was I then arrested.

BBC - Background: Police detention in Scotland

At least that's what the police claimed there were doing to me. Personally, I think they were bang out of order and violating my legal human rights by detaining and arresting me for no good reason.

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1 hour ago, MerryChristmas said:

Ooooh a kind of political thread, where's the user tvtanned to comment on political things when you need him

If he is political then maybe the police state have taken him political prisoner for a show trial to prosecute him for his political comments like they did me over my anti-Queen tweets for a free Scotland?


If so I hope he comes out alright because sometimes prisoners get injured or killed in custody. :(

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