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Best Newcomer - Fudge Awards 2017

The Ghost Of Fudge

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We invite you to join us at Krakatoa on Saturday 11th March, to celebrate the twin joys of music and drinking. We'll be hosting the 17th instalment of the legendarily shambolic FUDGE MUSIC AWARDS - complete with tinfoil podium, and 'unusual' trophies for the winners. The triumphant victors, should they be in attendance, will be invited onstage to give thanks to their fans, and subjected to a brief 'red-carpet interview' by our co-host for the night, MAGENTA LUST. So enjoy the evening - and also the vast selection of rum.

In addition, three great live acts will delight you. The bouncy GYPSY ROOTS. The proggy SOLQUIN. The rip-roaring SMOKIN' BUGLER BAND. Although the night is very tongue-in-cheek, we encourage you to get dressed up posh. It IS an awards ceremony, after all. Tophats and tails, please!



Facebook Event - https://www.facebook.com/events/148195125663805/



Consider the following six nominees, and vote above. You may vote for more than one choice. You'll also be able to vote on Facebook, at some point soon, and also in person at Krakatoa - paper voting slips will be handed out at gigs. All these votes will be totalled and COMBINED to arrive at our victors.



BEFORE STORIES - https://www.facebook.com/BeforeStories

GYPSY ROOTS - https://www.facebook.com/GyspyRoots/

ORYNTHIA - https://www.facebook.com/orynthiaband/

REDPARK - https://www.facebook.com/redparkband/

SONIC BUCKER - https://www.facebook.com/Sonicbucker/

WHERE'S THE FEMALE ZOMBIES? - https://www.facebook.com/wtfzband/


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2001 - Nero

2002 - Contra

2003 - The X-Certs

2004 - King Liar And The Brutes

2005 - Radio Lucifer

2006 - The Wells

2007 - Kartta

2008 - Bloodnut

2009 - Thrashist Regime

2010 - Which Way Now

2011 - Glassman

2012 - Bison

2013 - Same Faces

2014 - OK Taxi

2015 - Depeche Choad

2016 - Roswell

2017 - ? ? ? ? ? ?

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