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Songs that bring up memories


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Are there any songs that bring up memories for you? I have several, but I'll post a couple.

1.) Cumbersome-Seven Mary Three. This song conjures up memories of the night before the Blizzard of '96. I was seven years old and living with my mother on Nantucket. My mom had had various boyfriends after divorcing my father. On this night, January 6th, 1996 we were driving out to this particular boyfriends' sister's house for dinner. We were listening to Pixy 103 (WPXC 102.9 for the radio nerds) on the way home. The jock who was on the air during the 10 PM shift was going nuts over the fact that a heavy snow warning was issued for the Cape and Islands. Lost in the shuffle was this song. He had said it was the newest song from 7M3 and that a lot of people requested it. The next day was the beginning of the Blizzard.

2.) If You Could Only See- Tonic. In August, 1997 my mother got remarried to an absolute asshat. I'm not going to go into details about the crap he's done. This song will always remind me of that time period. It was a year after my mom and I moved to St. Louis. The night before they got married, we had a really bad severe weather outbreak that began a little after 3 AM. I turned on my radio low enough so I could hear it and this song played.

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