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FS: Basses, Amp, Hardware, Misc


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Clearout time. Pictures of everything in the dropbox link here - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gq5m6w98n1ibkw2/AAA0XsAnLl5vvpMca-sRk6zTa?dl=0

All prices are o.n.o. so feel free to make offers but don't take the piss. No trades. Will post at buyers expense or meet in town.


Ashdown Little Bastard 30W all tube bass head + VS212 Cab. Monster amp. Only 30W but 30W of tubes can make a helluva noise. It'll keep up at a band practise, I've run it through an 810 at Captain Tom's with no bother at all. £450.

Specs at bottom next to pics.

Danelectro Hodad Bass. Amazing wee thing. Light as a feather (no, I haven't weighed it) and sounds gorgeous. If I had any excuse at all to keep this thing I would, but I can't justify keeping more than one bass. £200

MIM Fender Jazz Bass. Active EMGs added in. Hipshot tuners (black) and a Babicz bridge. Covered in stickers and a ding or two and a very ropey battery installation on the back that is completely functional but not-at-all pretty. £250.

EHX Big Muff Bass Pi. You know it, you love it. £50

SFX Micro Thumpinator. High pass filter, cuts the inaudibly low frequencies to massively boost speaker efficiency. Amazing piece of kit. £90

MXR Bass Compressor. Compressor. Excellent. £110

Midismart Midi Keyboard. No power supply, but it takes a standard 9V. Bought it with big ideas and never used it. £25.

Yamaha-ish bass body. Bought off ebay for a project that never came to be. £20.

Zoom 708II Bass multiFX. Missing knob (hurr hurr) but the dial still works - just a little fiddly to get a hold of (hurr hurr). £75.

Hipshot BT2 d-tuner (1x Chrome, 1x Black). Great condition. Love these things. £50 each.

Bass bridge, black. P-Bass fit, no brand. £10.

MM style bass humbucker. No brand, nice long wire so connecting it won't be an issue. £10.


2x Xbox 360 Controllers + Venom Charging Dock. £50.

Qisan wireless keyboard and mouse. £20.

Samsung DVD drive. £15.

Little Bastard Specifications

  • Power Output - 30 Watt
  • Power Handling - 30Hz - 16Khz
  • Speaker Outputs - Jack Sockets
  • High Instrument Input - 450 MV
  • Low Instrument Input - 150 MV
  • DI Output - Line level -1K
  • Output Impedance - Minimum Impedance 4 Ohm
  • EQ - Passive Bass, Middle & Treble
  • Effects Send - Valve Driven Inst Level
  • Effects Return - Valve Recovered
  • Pre-Amp Tubes - 1 X ECC83 1 X ECC82
  • Output Tubes - 4 x EL84
  • H x W x D (mm) - 218 x 407 x 260
  • Weight (kg) - 11

- See more at: http://ashdownmusic....h.OhTOcngD.dpuf


  • 2x12" Drivers
  • Impedance: 4 Ohms
  • Power Handling: 300watts
  • Dimensions HxWxD (mm): 730 x 470 x 335
  • Weight: 14kg



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