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The richest DJ in the world


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Typically people think that DJs are not very rich. Local club DJ usually get paid about $ 200-300 per night. Basically most of them have permanent work. So we can say that DJing is a part-time job or serious hobby. Ofcourse if you are talented person and will become more famous your earnings will increase. Let see who is the most successful DJ in our days.

Here is the list by total net worth:

Calvin Harris $110 millions
Tiesto $105 millions
Avicii $75 millions
Daft Punk $70 millions
Paul Oakenfold $65 millions
David Guetta $60 & Paul van Dyk $60 millions
Armin Van Buuren $55 & Steve Aoki $55 millions
Deadmau5 $53 millions
Afrojack $50 millions
Kaskade $43 millions

The World's Highest-Paid DJs in 2015:

Calvin Harris $ 66 millions
David Guetta $37 millions
Tiesto $36 millions
Skrillex & Steve Aoki $24 millions
Avicii $19 millions
Kaskade $18 millions
Martin Garrix & Zedd $17 millions
Afrojack $16 millions
Deadmau5 & Diplo $15 millions


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