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The Ghost Of Fudge

Deadloss Superstar release charity Xmas single in aid of Shelter

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We here at Deadloss Superstar are fairly confident that the first page of the Musicians Union DIY Band Manual states that the ideal time to release your BRAND NEW CHARITY CHRISTMAS SINGLE is 12.45am on a Wednesday.

So here we are then, with our BRAND NEW CHARITY CHRISTMAS SINGLE, in aid of the charity SHELTER.

Despite the song being called "SNOWFLAKES", regrettably it's not really a festive song, so we also remixed it with some sleighbells, ho-ho-ing Santas, a childrens music box and some pealing church bells, all to give it that special holiday cheer. So do enjoy the B-side.

To sum up: please, please take the time to check out our BRAND NEW CHARITY CHRISTMAS SINGLE at the follow link!


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