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FS: G&L Will Ray signature Tribute Telecaster with B Bender


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Something a bit special and rare here.

I bought this for a countryesque band I was playing in, but now as not playing in it, don't really need it.

The guitar is a G&L Will Ray Tribute thinline telecaster with B-Bender.

Its a cracking guitar, and they aren't made any more so you won't see many of these around.  The hipshot b-bender works a treat.

Couple of things that I've had done to the guitar:

1. the original pickups sounded great, but I'm quite traditional when it comes to teles, so I had a new pickguard made, and I've put in a couple of normal tele pickups, new pots, and a 3 way switch in.   I still have the original pickups, pots, and switch and they will be included with the sale should the person buying wish to put it back to the original configuration.

2. The original tuners weren't very good, so I've replaced them with some locking vanson tuners.   The new tuners are fecking great and work a treat!  I don't have the original tuners any more, think they got chucked.


There aren't many of these around at the moment, theres one on Richards guitars for £899,


and also one on the bay for £785



Some piccy's here.

I'm looking for a rather bargainous £580.














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