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Tama Superstar drum kit(s)


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This is really just to gauge interest. I have two Tama Superstar Custom kits that could possibly be for sale. The finish is Titanium Fade.
The details of the two kits are below. I don't know the tom depths off the top of my head. Note this is not the newer Hyperdrive model.

The kits are in pretty good condition. There are some minor cosmetic marks on the toms and kicks, along with the usual marks on the kick drum hoops associated with the pedal clamping on. I have tried hard to take good care of them in the time I've had them and the reason I'm possibly looking to sell is that I'd like to have smaller and shallower toms.

I got offered £350 for each kit by a well-known shop in England, so I'm basically testing the water to see if anyone on here is interested.

Kit 1

Kick: 22"x18" (drilled)
Tom 1: 10"
Tom 2: 12"
Tom 3: 14"

Kit 2

Kick 22"x18" (drilled)
Tom 1: 12"
Tom 2: 13"
Tom 3: 16"

I have a Tama Superstar snare (14" x 5.5") that came with the kit and I also have a Mapex Black Panther Deep Forest snare (Walnut shell). Buyer's preference.

Any questions, let me know!

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