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Depressing workplace sexual harassment study

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One woman described how a colleague said on her last day “his biggest regret was that he didn’t get the chance to rape me in the store room before I left”

If this guy fell down a lift shaft and died a slow, painful death whilst impaled on the lift mechanism, I can't guarantee that I'd be upset.

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It's amazing how many neanderthals there still are in the world. I'm confident they'll die out pretty soon though.

I was playing golf the other day and got paired up with a random guy who seemed pretty funny and decent for most of the round. Got on fine enough and had a laugh, until about the 13th hole when he started describing how he'd like to play a golf course where 'whores' place your ball on your tee. I gave him an awkward smile that any normal person would pick up on as meaning '(not) cool story bro' but he kept going and proceeded to describe all the things he'd do to said 'whores'. The most shocking part was that he clearly didn't think there was anything wrong with what he was saying and at no point did it enter his mind that it might not be appropriate. It was 'you're a guy, i'm a guy, we talk shit about women, that's what we do.'

Again, it goes back to my argument that there's about a 60-40 split in the male population of the world. Those who respect women, and those who don't - like at all - and don't even consider it a problem. Sometimes i'm not sure which way it's split.

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I'm surprised the figure isn't higher than that since the report included indecent remarks and dirty jokes as sexual harassment. You would think that if the respondents had really thought about it they could have thought of at least one time at work they had overheard a dirty joke or some kind of sexual comment about another woman.

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