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Paper Rifles - "Pennies For The Dead"


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No fanfare, no tour, no launch night. Nonetheless, I'm equal parts proud and angry to release my new single into this increasingly desperate year.

Pennies For The Dead and Bad Blood were both recorded by James Johnson and mastered by Martin Robbie. Nige Barnes is responsible for the brilliant artwork. The shouting and banging a guitar is all me.

There is a digital download of both songs, but there are also 30 pieces of silver up for grabs (seems appropriate somehow, doesn't it?) in the form of a very limited edition run of USB pennies loaded with both songs plus three exclusive bonus tracks, artwork, liner notes and two vinyl penny stickers. One they're gone, they're gone.

Protest songs might be seen as naïve, old-fashioned, overly worthy or simply out of place in 2016, but they bloody well shouldn't be.

Bring out your dead.


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Another wee dose of new stuff!

Struck Dum Records and I are very proud to present "It Always Rains In Scotland" as a digital single to raise funds for SAMH, the Scottish Association for Mental Health. 

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Chris Marr at Fall On Studio in Dundee, the track originally appeared on the "Punks vs. Depression Vol.1" compilation. It's backed by three live tracks recorded by Jamie Mackenzie in Dundee at the Robot Doctors farewell show

All proceeds go to SAMH, who do excellent work in suicide prevention, as well as supporting people suffering from mental illness back into work. Your £3 will be doing some real good.



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