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Cellar 35 - Another one bits the dust?

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Dunno who's running the place, or at least who is responsible for their social media, but they fucked this right up. Not actually closing, but some sort of direction change apparently.


"After messing up yesterday's post here's what should have been posted

Cellar 35 will be closing on the 10th of August for a re brand and change of direction

Instead of only opening for gigs and events the bar will be operating 7 nights a week as an independent bar, as in own offers and own products not the same as The Noose

We will continue to host music and comedy nights but will no longer be hosting house DJs
Other events or gigs will be discussed and if we think it fits in with the new direction then we will oblige and help where we can

The venue will launch on the 27th of August if all goes well

I will update with venue name and style as the date gets closer

Sorry again for yesterday's hap hazard post

Although the coverage was good "

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Interesting idea. I reckon they'll do what a few folks have said they should for a while now and stick to the stuff that works well in the space like acoustic shows, open mics, comedy - basically anything with no drum kit.

The cynical bastard in me reckons they knew exactly what they were doing with that first post though, having seen the amount of attention Downstairs is getting since announcing their closure, I think they wanted the wee spike in social media chatter. [/CynicalBastard]



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3 hours ago, Woodsinho said:

"The Vulture lounge is home to American whiskey, wings and cocktails. Live music and comedy available every week. follow page for details"


I thought this was a joke.

Sadly is isn't and that's its real name........

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A bit pedantic, but i've never seen the term 'American Whiskey' used in this context. It's always 'Bourbon' and/or 'Rye'. I mean i'm sure there are plenty of American whiskies but it's not something you'd build a bar around. Sounds like a 'Bourbon Bar' to me.

I wanna know more about the wing setup.

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I am assuming that the wings are food, not a Paul McCartney led pop band, so that makes me think that any music performed will be in a background, cabaret way. Entertainment whilst you munch on chicken? I hope that they have given the place a deep clean, I wouldn't associate Cellar as a place with excellent food hygiene standards.

American whiskey/bourbon is cool with me. Hopefully they don't suffer the same fate as the tiki quarter in Aberdeen. I think Tiki Park must have lasted less than 12 months, leaving Krakatoa as our only tiki themed bar. #postbrexitbritain :(

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