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Downstairs (The Malt Mill) closing

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10 hours ago, Frosty Jack said:

Looks like Gav has managed to figure out a deal for all existing gigs after July to be held at Underdog instead, This could be an ongoing thing, possibly including the weekly blues jam.

This is good news.

Sounds like Tunnels 2 is available for bookings too, which helps out for more niche events.

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I'd like to thank all those involved with this business, for their efforts to foster the local music scene.  A very difficult and capricious environment for them to operate in- especially with the economy as it is, currently.

Staff have been very helpful towards performers, facilities and sound are excellent and on a number of occasions, events I have been involved with were lively and well attended.

It's a crying shame....and another dismal sign of the times.

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It's a disaster for local live music to be sure. The Malt Mill has been a live venue since the 70s and to see it close kind of brings an era to a close. It used to be my local when I was a loon and the then publican, Archie Aitken, would never have music in the lounge despite me bending his ear for years. It's a damn shame that what Gav & co have built up has to go because of one whingeing incomer's complaints.

Hopefully as Frosty Jack says, somewhere else will take over the gigs and hopefully the blues jam as well. Best wishes to Gav and his crew for the future, hope they all find new roads to follow.

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Sad times when a great wee venue like Downstairs has to close it's doors. I have played there a few times over the years and taken part in a couple of the blues jams too and always found it a great place to play with a good friendly crowd as well. Gutted for Gav and his guys after all their hard work. Here's hoping someone can pick up the pieces and get some of the gigs etc transferred.


Thanks for the memories to all who have made this venue what it was. Shame it has to go like this.

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