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Yell Soundz: A new EP from Seas, Starry

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A small collection of home recordings. Toft Sands was originally recorded for a compilation in 2015 and was inspired by the landscape of Toft, Shetland, near to where Jan grew up. Toft is a wild coastal region with a small ferry port overlooking Yell Sound; a body of water between the Northern Shetland mainland and the island of Yell. 

The other three compositions were recorded more recently and in a similar style to Toft Sands, inspired heavily by a Steve Reich listening binge. 

The follow up to Tyto Alba will be recorded in July 2016, but since these more ambient tracks don't fit with the direction of that material, we decided to release them as a standalone EP. 

Seas, Starry is Jan, Ross, Chris and Claire.


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