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Pro-Ject Turntable, Yamaha Amp, Mordaunt Short Speakers - Job Lot!

Soda Jerk

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I'm moving house and need to de-clutter stuff I am not using pretty quickly, so this is a STUPID LOW price for quick sale.

I haven't got actual pictures of my gear just yet, but these are the same models. I can provide photos of mine if you like.

Pro-Ject Essential II Turntable:


Comes with a No Idea Records slip-mat which basically looks like this: http://diskunion.net/images/jacket/1006545930.jpg Mine also has a clear plastic dust cover, which is a little bit scratched on top, but it does the job. It keeps the dust out. Cartridge recently replaced and has had less than 15 hours use.

Yamaha Natural Sound AX 330E Hi Fi Amp:

Basic hi-fi amp. Inputs for CD, tape and radio decks, phono input for the turntable and aux input. Works fine. Plenty of volume, I never have it above 9 or 10 o clock on the volume. Slight crackle when you turn the volume knob. Very clear sound and responsive EQ.

Mordaunt Short MS35Ti Speaker pair
Great speaker pair, incredibly clear articulate sound. A couple of scuffs around the back of the speaker. Perfect working order. You can even keep the two lengths of speaker cable I have connecting the amp to the speakers, which is a few meters in length and is attached to banana plugs.

Would prefer not to split as I need to get rid of this quickly due to a house move, and splitting would probably make it harder to sell remaining components. This is a complete set up, speaker cable and all. All you will need to do is get it home, put a record on the platter and plug it in! All in for £100. Insanely low price, so no offers. That wouldn't even get you the turntable in normal circumstances. It's a superb set up, but space is of the essence when I move, and I just haven't been giving this enough use to justify taking it.


Based in Rosemount, you can some see it working and pick up any time outside of 9-5 Mon to Fri. PM me or get in touch on Facebook if we're friends.

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