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Question Everything (Standins)

Oedo 808

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6 hours ago, Oedo 808 said:

If I have a wee moan about lack of feedback do I get some?

I'll oblige with a once-over then, as far as I can... I didn't like it much. With just a guitar and vox there's not much to criticise, but the progressions just didn't grab me. It has more of a Green Day vibe, than, I dunno, Hamell on Trial (which is about the only acoustic-punk-social-commentary thing I can reach for that I like; not sure which you're going for). Veering perilously close to just-not-my-cup-of-tea, but it might just be that, there you go... If this is intended for a full electric band I think it might need that on the demo even to get a sense of the final work.

Didn't catch much of the detail in the lyrics, but just "Question Everything" seems a bit myopic and ham-fisted - didn't intrigue me much; great lyrics are a bonus for me though, and those alone wouldn't be enough without noises pleasant to my ear.

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Only joking, cheers for taking a listen and writing back.

It's a pro-scepticism, anti-dogma song so I feel "Question Everything" is justified. But I would say that. Either way, I'll go away and have a think about those comments. 

One of the things that inspired the song was something I remember from a few years ago, when someone started a thread on a messageboard about an argument they were having on another messageboard. They'd run out of arguments on the first messageboard so were asking for people on the second board to spoon feed them arguments so they could "win" the argument. I suggested to them that at the point at which you run out of arguments then you should maybe consider (just consider) the fact you might be wrong. 

Well anyway, now I've told that story no one wanted to hear I'm off to enjoy the rest of the day.

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