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Bass player required for punk rock band

Oedo 808

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I'm looking for a bass player to complete a 4-piece punk rock band playing original music influenced by the likes of No Use For A Name, NOFX, MXPX and Blink (up to and including Enema Of The State). 

There would be plenty of opportunities for the right person to play some really fast, melodic bass lines and get creative writing their own. Since we view any potential bass player as an integral piece of this band and its sound, a root-note only player won't cut it for this project.

The band already has a number of songs which we've worked on with a previous four stringer and now we're looking to find someone who can give us a little more time and commitment in order to create a gig ready set list. 

We also have our own rehearsal space in the Bucksburn area. 

For those of you who care about these sorts of things we're in our late 20s and 30s. Our current line-up is Bob Knight (me) on guitar and vocals, Aaron Yung on guitar and vocals and Ben Timpson on drums.  The band name is Standins. 

If that sounds good to you all we're asking for is a little bit of realism on your part. Are you:

1. Interested in playing this genre of music (are you a fan?)
2. A more than capable bass player able to play basslines in the style of the aforementioned bands
3. Able to commit to weekly rehearsals in the Bucksburn area of the city. (Some flexibility required if there is a need for additional practices close to gigs)

OK, great! Please get in touch, PM and let me know a bit about yourself completing the following sentence:

The greatest punk rock bassline of all time is.....

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