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For Sale: Providence delay, Himmelstrutz fetto + others


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Got a few pedals up for sale.


Providence Chrono Delay -  The best sounding delay I've ever had.  can save a couple of presets, tap tempo, dotted notes etc. It really is a great delay pedal and works brilliantly in a live situation.

Comes with power supply.  £170


Himmelstrutz Fetto -  Really versatile handmade overdrive/distortion pedal.   Sounds awesome, also has 4 internal trim pots for tweaking further should you desire.  This  is a little bit different to most other drive pedals .  Comes with Box/instructions  £100



T-rex - Molller - Great Overdrive/Boost pedal. comes with Box, has a fair few chips on it but works perfectly. £80


Dod Milk Box FX84-  quite rare compressor pedal these days.  should you be looking for a good compresser then Google this one, they get rave reviews, Comes with box.£50


Mooer - Pitchbox -  does pitch shift, harmonizer,  detune.  Its not a bad little box tbh. £35



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