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Mesa boogie and Martin


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For Sale: Mesa Boogie Mark 3 Blue strip 60 watt.
Incredible amp now with a vintage look. Tone to die for from sparkly cleans to well, mesa. Started life as the same old Mark 3 combo but due to the weight I decided to get a head and cab shell made. Cab still fitted with the original EV black shadow speaker however the new built ca has brought the speaker to life even more. Is fitted with fender handles on both head and cab but needed handles that could take the weight easily. 
Amp is a blue strip been retubed in the last 3 months and I have a spare set of power tubes available. The lead master knob is a little on the dodgy side but I have one here that just needs to be fitted which I have never got around to doing. The amp comes with the EQ but no reverb. I use a HOF anyway. There is an amp cover which was for the combo but fits the cab. I also have a double footswitch made by bright onions available. 
You can have a few options on this. Buy it as it is £1100 (with cover, pedal, spare tubes) or contact me to negotiate buying it as the original combo as I am sure I can easily sell the head and cab shells to other boogie owners as tracking down someone to build these is not an easy task. Alternatively would sell the head and cab separate, please PM for any further negotiations. 
Ideally collection due to the weight. Will drive within reason if negotiated. Would courier at the buyers risk and cost.

Next up is a beautiful sounding Martin D16GT fitted with a brand new LR Baggs M80 pickup (plugged in once) still have original box etc. Both complement each other brilliantly. Comes with the fitted Martin hard case. Immaculate condition. If you don’t know much about the pickup then do some research, it doesn’t get much better. 
I can sell the guitar without the pickup however, note that the bottom peg hole has been drilled out for this pickup to fit. You wouldn’t want to install anything else anyway. 

Finally a Technics sx-px103 digital piano with stool. Recently serviced, great sound and ideal piano for home. I have been meaning to learn piano for years, finally bought one and can now play a C chord in all positions. That’s about it. £250

Shortly I will be posting a 2001 US American Standard Strat fitted with my Lindy Fralin Blues Specials and moulded hard case. Neck is off for a fret dress first.

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