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Hi everyone! 

I'm a Media student at RGU in my final year and for my research project I'm focusing on the importance of Aberdeen's music scene/industries to the city's culture and economy. I have some questions below and I would really value your views/opinions. I want to get a true understanding of how people feel (although I think I've already got a pretty good idea) so please be as. I will also be conducting interviews with those involved in the local music scene and these will be packaged together in a radio documentary/podcast so if you would be interested in this, please let me know! 

Many thank in advance!


How important is the music scene/industry to the city's culture and why? 

How important is the music scene/industry to the city's economy and why? 

How much support do you think the local government shows the city's music scene/industry? (please explain reasons for your answer)

Do you believe there are enough opportunities for musicians/bands in the city? 


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