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all sorts of cool guitar gear for sale


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Yes, the music room is having a clear out. All items are in 100% working condition.

- Boss OC-3  Super Octave Pedal. Never used. Comes in box with a Japanese manual as i bought it in Tokyo. £50 

- Boss CS-3 Compressor Sustainer pedal. Used once or twice. Comes in box with manuals. £40

- Boss TU-12 tuner . Well used, think it's early nineties. Works very well. These are collectors items now. £30

- Visual Sound (now called TrueTone) VS-XO dual overdrive pedal V3 series (2 overdrives in one stomp box). One of the best (pair of) overdrive pedals i ever owned. 1 yr old, lightly used, comes in it's box  £99 

- Left handed semi-acoustic guitar Freshman type FA1AN LH, bought from R&Bs about 8 yrs ago, hardly ever used. Couple of small marks on front and back (nothing major and difficult to catch on a pic) £180 

- Right handed acoustic guitar Tokai UJ200-VNT, a Korean made J200 copy. Has a retro-fitted piezo pick-up (think it is DiMarzio). This is a great sounding and great playing guitar, very rare in the UK and hence sought after. Small ding on top near the bridge otherwise as new. £250

- Peavey Classic 50 410 guitar amp - it has 2x original 10" Blue Marvel speakers plus 2x Celestion Alnico Gold speakers. Amp was bought new by me about 6 years ago, used and gigged but well maintained and 100% working, all valves have some mileage left in them. A bargain for £550 (the speakers alone will set you back £300). 

PM me for photos etc. 

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