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This is my first properly recorded song of 2016. It had a working title of the Ghost of Downies of which there are several versions of on the tube.

Its not really finished yet and may feature some percussion and more vocals (if i can think of any nonsense to sing about).

I have been busy doing open-mic recordings using a boss looper with the purpose of doing some open-mic nights when the weather gets a bit better

and i can be arsed actually going into town. More info and general rants can be found at yorlum dot com.



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thanks very much. The website is coming up for two years old now at the end of this week and i am really happy doing it. I could never figure out exactly what to do with the final page (the ship page) but i think now it would be good to promote local recording bands that i hear on-line such as can be found on this site. I dont get out much now so live reports probably would,nt work but never say never. I,ve also got permission to post some really cool spacey artwork from another website i am familiar with but need to come up with a suitable piece of music for it ............it will be space rock and when you see the artwork you,l know why.

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