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Drummer (23) looking for an Aberdeen based band

Jonathon Hardman

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Hey, I'm a drummer of roughly ten years looking to play in a band in Aberdeen.

Having moved back to Aberdeen last year I've missed playing with other musicians and, most importantly, playing music live. Although my passion is for alternative or rock music (I really like bands like Brand New/Queens of the Stone Age), I'm open to trying out anything. I'd be comfortable learning pre-existing songs or jamming/coming up with new ideas.

I don't have any videos of me playing live apart from with this band a few years ago but hopefully it gives an indication of how I play.

I primarily practice at Captain Tom's but anywhere in central Aberdeen suits me.

If you're interested it's best to send me a text as I'll see that first. Otherwise, send me an email.


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Hey are you still looking for a band? Me and my friend are starting up a band and looking for a drummer. We are 22 years old and like bands like stone temple pilots, nirvana, guns n roses, velvet revolver, Alice n chains, pearl jam etc...

i can send you a link to my sound cloud


have a listen and see what you think. Cheers.


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