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Patch Cables, Guitar leads, Cassette Deck, books and more


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I have a few items left over from the Buy/Sell at Downstairs, I sold a heap of bits so was well worth while going.  Here's the list:

4” coloured patch cables x4    £2
9” coloured patch cables x4    £3
6” planet waves patch cables x2    £2


Guitar Wall Hanger    £5

Ibanez GU20 tuner    £3
QWIK time Metronome    £1
Stagg Capo    £1


Cabinet Mic Stand with 2 spare booms but no fittings to attach boom to stand…. £5



6m planet waves guitar lead     £3
5m unbranded guitar lead        £2
2.5m “professional instrument cable” guitar lead    £2
4ft stagg guitar lead         £2


Prinz CD500 Stereo Cassette deck    £10
Has Stereo Mic inputs with separate left and right channel input level control, dolby noise reduction and tape type selection.  Also comes with phono line in/out to 5pin and ring plug 


15ft phono cable with gold plugs    £4
6ft phono cable            £2
3ft phono cable with gold plugs    £2

9ft phono to 3.5mm stereo jack    £4        
4ft female phono to single male phono    £2
6” phono to female 3.5mm stereo jack    £2 


Generic Black Grill Cloth, unused more than enough left cover the front of a 4x12 cab.



Sound Engineering Explained Talbot-Smith Second Edition    £4
Modern Recording Techniques Huber Runstein Sixth Edition     £4


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