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Dukes Up - Demo 1 (Instrumental)


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First post in a while. I did make a list of everything I got for my birthday but I couldn't be bothered posting it.


Over the past week I've been recording some demos. Written over the past few years, I finally got round to doing this. Recorded with only my guitar, an overdrive pedal, a 10W practice amp, a borrowed bass, a 20 year old hifi set with 10 year old speakers along with my laptop.


Any money from downloads is going towards christmas presents for my family, or Fallout 4.



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I like these, but they're not really instumentals cos there's spaces for the singing...

Aye but there's no singing. It's just instruments, isn't it? Because half way through untitled 3 i realised the bass wasn't recording with the line in, but with the laptop mic. so you heard the click, all the other instruments and me coughing and shit through the track. I hope I didn't do that without realising in time.

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anyone wanting a side project without the pressure of writing for another band? i need a drummer, bassist, guitarist. preferably one of those is a singer who sounds like veronica from queen of heart. lemme send you tabs and boss you about until you quit for your main band.

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