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What frustrates you?


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Hi guys

How are you all?

As you may or may not know I'm a singing teacher, and basically I'm doing some research into why some people are interested in learning to sing, but they don't ever come for lessons.

If you have ever been put off going for lessons in any instrument I'd like to hear from you:https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/TKMQMGH

Everyone who takes part in the survey will be put in a draw to win my new online course '6 steps to the studio' for free.



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What scares me off, and I didn't think to put this in my questionnaire, is that I have no idea how long it takes to see results. I do shouty shitty punxxx vocals so I'm not interested in sounding particularly wonderful, but I've always wanted to get a few lessons to get a little more accurate in my pitch, get some better breathing technique so that when I'm shouting and belting it's not so hard on my breathing, but I don't know if I'd need 5 lessons or 50. Plus I'm a lazy bastard who always puts things off.



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Some before/after videos and stuff and an idea of the progress that can be made with a set number of lessons might be a really good way to coax some people off the fence and through the door.



Great idea, I think I might offer a special deal to people who would be willing to be the guinea pig for a before/after video kinda thing.  You should try a free ear-training program like GNU Solfege there are some phone apps that help too.

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