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This Heroic Routine


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Hey, just leaving this here for anyone interested. 

We've been hermited-up working on a bunch of tracks for a while now and will be looking to release a bunch of them in the coming year.

If you want to follow along, here are the usual links: 





Cheers for any support!


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listened to both tracks on SC and they are very good. First one nice and short. A wee bit Radio Head but thats cool. Nice well recorded acoustics. Ruddy splendid. If your going to emulate someone then pick the best. I was,nt sure initally that i was going to like the second track as i thought it was just going to be mindless electronic kak. But no it was good and had some really interesting guitar stuff on it. I know you all probably think i,m some old cardigan wearing, koombaya singing scout leader or something but i know a good axe sound when i hear it.  Good work.  I noticed your tracks on the cloud had no download option.

My last sound on the cloud was the same as i am getting mighty fed-up of material getting knicked. I sound like Llars Ulrich here.


Plus with all the paranoia at SC just now with copyright material on DJ type acts its a bit rich. I would,nt know i dont listen to that RAP HORSESHIT anyway but good luck to the poor bugger who has to go through it all and decipher whats copied and whats original. I,m on holiday this week so thats why your getting so many posts here from me to the interstate. When i go back to the grind i,l go back into my shell - honest. Plus i,ve been drinking a lot of coffee.


please please please please everyone listen to Acapulco blues at Yorlum.com.

thank you.

Steven Allan 

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