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New Blues Jam.

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Next jam is on Sunday, July the 28th.  The last one was cancelled due to Force Majeure....aka a plumbing disaster and consequent flood/ loss of bathroom facilities.  Apparently it is no longer acceptable to nip outside and piss in the bushes, my more sophisticated friends tell me.

Please renew your acquaintance with the Smiddy bar, in Daviot, at our next musical rendezvous.  Guitar backline will include an exotic throwback amp, from the er, 'Golden Age of British Innovation'.  Or something.  

3 O'clock start.

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I really need to thank all the folks, who continue to support the Smiddy Blues Jam.    It's really easy to think of reasons not to come out.  When the weather's warm, there are outdoor things to do- some of them even more pleasurable than cutting grass and pulling weeds.  If it rains, well....what's on Netflix?  Daviot is 17 + miles from Aberdeen, an awkward,slow trundle from Peterhead and points east- and to get maximum Beer Benefit from your outing, a lift must be procured from somewhere.

And yet.

Thanks, all of you.  There was another varied assortment of players and styles in evidence this time, with some great work by our younger contingent, ably and modestly assisted by the talented and experienced regulars, who make the rest of us look as good as they can;-)

Next edition will be on September 29th, at 3pm.  If you've been thinking about coming out, you really should.  Long range forecasts point to a day which is fine for driving but a bit nippy for sun worship.  ;)

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