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Tips for Running Speaker Cable Outside

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I'm looking for any insight anyone has into running cable from an amp inside to some permanently installed outside speakers.


Some info:


I don't have an attic.

The walls are thick and made of granite, therefore drilling is a problem

uPVC windows, so perhaps something can be done there?


This is likely to be a semi-temporary arrangement until we bother to get the garden properly done and re-assessed, however it would be useful if it a) wasn't an eyesore and b) was permanent enough that the weather is not going to fuck with it meantime.


Assistance/comments/advice please! :up:

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Speaker cable is kinda bulky to be drilling a hole in a window frame isn't it?

If you can't sort out a wireless solution you could Use 2 sets of cables? One set to a handy door and keep separate cables for outside on a spool maybe? Wouldn't take 2 mins to connect at the window and run them out to the speakers...

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Wireless isn't an option given the hardware I have and I would then still have to power something outside which I'd rather not be burdened with.


Wasn't planning on drilling into the window but maybe trying do something at the vent/seal? Will probably go for colb's suggestion and set it up so the speakers are permanently placed but I just plug them in to use them outside with the cables being suitably placed internally so they can be lobbed out a window or whatever. Until we get THE PROFESSIONALS in anyway.


Thanks for the suggestions, guyz! Posirep coming your way.

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