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The Depot Studios, Edinburgh


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Hi everybody up in the North East. Let me introduce myself. 


My name is Craig Ross, I play bass in Broken Records and run The Depot Studios, and have done for the last 7 to 8 years. We have had the pleasure of working with loads of fantastic Edinburgh bands from Jesus H Foxx, Book Group, We See Lights, Save The Reckless, Ferric, and many more.  We also have had the pleasure of working with some fantastic bands across the central belt, as well as a good few from Aberdeen. I've recently finished Watchfires debut album, and have produced the last two albums by The Little Kicks, with work starting on their next release soon. Both of which are fantastic Aberdonian bands. Myself and Mark Morrow (the other engineer that works out of The Depot Studios) would both love to see more bands from Aberdeen and the surrounding towns and villages down here as the music scene seems vibrant and full of great bands. We can offer great deals and would love for you to come check out what we are all about. Both Mark and I have our showreels on the website for you to have a listen to, so please jump over and have a listen. 


We can also offer location recordings as well as live gig recordings. Prices on enquiry.


Need help getting a gig sorted? Well we can help and maybe you can tie it in to your time down here recording?? Here to help.


The fact my wife is from 'The Granite City' doesn't affect anything other than she will be happy if I am making us travel up the road more often for single release gigs and such like. ;-)


Please get in touch, we'd love to work with you on your next record.


Check us out at www.depotstudios.com. Email us at info@depotstudios.com, or call us for a chat on 0131 551 6709


Thanks for reading



The Depot Studios



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