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The Replacements

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Let It Be, by a nose. I love Tim too though.


Sorry Ma... is great too, and the opening track of the Stink EP is so good. Snotty as fuck, but not much like the band they went on to be. Punk bands evolved incredibly quickly in the 80's.



You should listen to more. All Shook Down is the only weak link, which is pretty much a Westerberg solo album anyway. everything else is banging. I'd definitely recommend you give Hootenanny and Pleased to Meet Me a go.

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Hootenanny and Pleased to Meet Me are my favourite Replacements records. Pretty much everything they've released has moments of greatness but those 2 are the most consistently great for me.

This doesn't answer your question though, so Tim - because of Tommy Ramone.

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The Replacements are pretty wonderful, and between Tim and Let It Be, I would opt for the latter; even if some of the songs do sound a little derivative, jokey and gimmicky in some contexts. But it has Unsatisfied, which is a stoating little ditty.


I think Pleased to Meet Me always deserves a mention and a listen, even if it is largely just for Alex Chilton, which is a fine pop song.


Love a bit of The Replacements.

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