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I am thinking about starting a scottish music group, My idea consists of covering some of scottish music's best bands including but not limited to Runrig, Wolfstone, Peatbog Faeries etc. and playing most of their songs as they have been recorded. The other thing I would be keen to throw into this mix would be covering the rock side of scottish music including gaslight anthem, big country, proclaimers, biffy clyro etc. but re-doing these songs to suit the folk style, so playing the songs with accordians and fiddles instead of heavy guitar riffs.


I think it would be a good laugh if nothing else, but certainly see some mileage with it with no end to the amount of songs that could be thrown into the mix. There is nothing to stop us switching the styles of music, for example playing some runrig with heavy electric guitar and biffy clyro with fiddles.


To even get this off the ground I would be looking for practically everyone, which would include Vocals (Gaelic speaking would be huge bonus), backing vocals, guitars, accordian, fiddle, bag pipes and piano / keyboard.


If this sounds remotely interesting to you or you have some ideas on what we could do with the concept then feel free to get in touch. I literally have an idea and would love to push it forward into something enjoyable.




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