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Handmade pedalboards?

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Yeah I seen the 535 one! The 688 is only just longer but a tiny bit shorter I'm taking it.

I've got a:

Original cry baby

Digitech whammy (I question myself as well!)

Zvex fuzz factory

The line 6 dl4 (hoping it's in great condition!)

Soon I'll get that xotic booster

Maybe an over drive pedal (ts9, bor)

Boss super octave

Boss phase shifter

What else do I fancy?

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I got a 535 and it's surprisingly too small! I tried my 3 biggest pedals first which are an original cry baby, digitech whammy and a line 6 dl4. I guess it's alright for storage but it'll be a pain juggling them around and having to use some outside of the pedalboard.

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