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Haudagain Redevelopment Thread


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I live Manor so I know a few people directly affected if this goes ahead. I am lucky as I am not in any of the destructive zones.


Can imagine the benefits of improved network and hopefully a further development of Logie, Manor and Middlefield




The detention basin sounds like a horrible thing! I can imagine it turning into some sort of soup, people here would use it as a communal wheelybin.


The thought of logie place, (the center of the new intersection) being completely destroyed feels weird, lots of families on that street lived there for years.

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Well that is the issue, people seem concerned about the effects of the travel and not the shortage of council houses and the 300 plus homes that people need to be rehoused. Some people I know and have spent their entire life living there. I would be really sad to see their homes torn down.

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The work won't start until after the bypass is completed.


Well that makes sense.


About my previous post, I don't want to sound harsh but sadly for things to progress other things need to go this has been seen in other cities with a much better infrastructure such as the suburbs of London and Manchester. If things like these didn't happen there wouldn't of been Union Street and we would still be using the green as our main square area coming in from Windmill Brae etc well strictly this is not true as Union Street is mainly bridges but I think you get my point. I hope the people living here are re homed quick and with as less hassle as possible.

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