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Black Atom! KEF!! TONIGHT!!

Joe Atom

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all to the same person :p

and only cause it's her birthday :p

Yus, none of the other 12 had seen (or heard of) Black Atom before and quite a few of them don't particularly like that genre of music: they sat on the floor looking very bored through Risactonia and the other support acts but as soon as you came on they got up and joined the crowd and they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves. All of them thought you were excellent and are wanting to borrow your c.d.'s from me now :) thank you for another great gig :D

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Guest Scorge Spike

Good show gents. Risactonia were the dog's bollocks too, despite one guitar having a string short towards the conclusion of the set. The less said about the other supports, the better, but a decent eveniing all told.

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me and some friends have kinda just got back

was a fucking awesome gig as always

im pretty damn sure i love you guys more and more every time i see you!!!!!

had an amazing time although some cunt decided to elbow me in the face just before fallen, that hurt like fuck ;( he also squished me into very little space, wasnt very nice of him at all, i htink he was quite drunk though)

risactonia were fucking amazing too!!!!!

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Fucking hell, thanks everyone! We had a momentously good time. Honestly, it felt great, soundcheck was so bad then such a good gig followed... I don't know what happened in between, but it was something good!

For the record, tonight was the first time Erskine has ever done any kind of singing in the band (in Truth Divine in case you didn't notice), and he did bloody well ;)

Cheers again, that felt like the best gig in ages :up: We're trying to get something set up at Drakes where we could get an hour or more to play, as we have so many songs we want to play that won't fit into a half hour set. It was bonus getting to play Chasing Ghosts tonight, and it was ace to crank out the Last Day for the first time in a while too. I hope you enjoyed the new material too though :)

Intravenous - Thanks for boosting my ticket sales considerably! Please come and see us again and feel free to bring 12 friends every time... they can all buy cds too if they want :laughing:

Hey everyone, did I mention, YOU ALL ROCK! Atom loves you :)

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The grunge tribute band was alright (although the singer/guitarist was HORRIBLY out of tune during heart shaped box, it was painful to watch) he had a good "cobain" voice though.

Risactonia own you all! Scott Dixon = God! (and his mum was hilarious!)

Black Atom were even better than album launch night (took some doing) The Last Day \m/\m/ and looks like the superglue worked because me Viking hat didnt fall apart this time.

Up the Atom!

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There are no more loyal and supportive fans that Black Atom fans! Like Joe said, the soundcheck didn't bode well, but you guys just lifted us and we owe last night's success to our beloved Atomites.

Hopefully, we'll be able to repay your kindness with a full - length gig sometime soon. Until then, thank you all again!


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That was definately the most rockin' of all Atom gig's i've ever experienced, just just just just just fucking ace :up:

A treat to see "The Last Day" back in business and a treat to see absoloutely everyone around me having just as good a time as I was.

Completely made me forget about how angry I was at the "no cider" policy KEF seem to have. What the fuck?

To sum up: just just just just just fucking ace :up:

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