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This was a cracking gig!


This was the first time I've seen Callahan live and they were most enjoyable. I am looking forward to hearing some of their new material, as I think some of their current set is quite straight forward post rock, which as I've said before is not really my thing.


Vladimir seemed to be having a bit of an off night. The Born Slippy cover was quite good, but I was waiting for it to pick up tempo, which it never did.


Don Vito, holy fuck! It was one of those performances that will stick with me for a long time. Fearless playing, but without any ego or posturing. You knew they were having fun too, which really makes a difference. Amazing band. I was with my friend John, who turned to me two thirds of the way through their set to say "this is the best show I've been to since The Buzzcocks in 1978". High praise indeed.


Jealousy Mountain Duo were great too, really put me in mind of the Dirty Three.


Cheers to Cool Your Jets for putting on another great gig in Aberdeen. Great bunch of lads, all the best.

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Really great night, even though I was full of the cold, thought "we" Callahan played well, gelling more all the time, new tunes are in the pipeline


Vladimir, been keeping an ear out for them, due to high profile Twilight Sad support slots, Ill be getting more into this band..


Don Vito, madness, pure madness!!


Never saw the final band, my body was done by then!! boo!!

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